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"Lydia thank you so much for being that last piece of the puzzle I need to achieve my fitness goals. I was very hesitant to walk into The Fitness Rave. I've never been the "class" type person. Always worried about what other people thought or that I couldn't keep up or do it. That thinking was totally wrong. I'm so much more confident and stronger in my abilities than I dreamed. I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring. Or rather what I make it!" 

-Tammy Heck, Fitness Rave Member 


"GRIT has changed my view on my life and has given my purpose. It's not only the discipline of working out, but the responsibility of being there for my teammates and not failing my coaches. coaches who not only are there for me, but really care about my progress, my strengths, and my overall well being. I can't say enough about them and the bond I have with them. Thank you Meghan Hayes Smith and Daniel Jones, and The Fitness Rave for allowing me to grow and meet such wonderful participants and coaches. Believe me, all the coaches leading us during GRIT are amazing. I am In awe and thankful for all of them"

-Lizette Leddon, Fitness Rave Member                       


I absolutely love The Fitness Rave.. It's where I take my classes. From day one, I was greeted with a smile, and they treat you like you are part of a family. I absolutely adore Amy Nicole and Phil D'Adamo.. They are a blast! They are some of the BodyJam instructors.  Lydia Haskell always greets you with a smile and is so happy to see you.

-Valli Hall, Fitness Rave Member since 


One year ago, I was introduced to Lydia Haskell's The Fitness Rave by Sherri Wooten silly and sappy as this sounds, it has changed my life! In that year, I have lost 80 lbs, and even though I was really hoping to have hit the 100lb mark by now, I have GAINED more than I could have ever imagined. The Rave is like no other. Period. Lydia Haskell I am in awe as to how you have managed to find the absolute BEST instructors out there...and brought them all together in one place...amazing! all have also helped me more than you know on this lifelong journey I am on...THANK YOU ALL!! AND TO ALL THE RAVERS AND GRITTERS...there are way too many to mention...THANK YOU for all of the new found friendships....all of the inspiration (which even comes from Ravers I don't know but see all the time!)....all of the fun! I have made so many amazing new friends by joining The awesome is that?!! (I have never had that experience at any other gym I have belonged to, and I doubt that it happens!) I wish I had before and after photos to go along wih this, but there really aren't many "before" photos of me in existence! My physical appearnce has changed, but the changes that have occurred within how I live my life...are the more important ones. Again, thanks to you all! I can't wait to see how the next year will play out!!
- Janee Parsons, Fitness Rave Member 


One year ago I walked Into the Fitness Rave weighing 246lbs my highest weight in my life. Just a little about myself. 2 weeks before my 50th birthday I had a mini stroke. 4 months later I lost my brother at the age of 59 to a major heart attack. Already overweight, this just drove me to eat more. The more I ate the more depressed I got. All of this just drove me into a deep depression. I knew if I did not do something I was going to be in this life much longer. I could not do that to my family or myself. That is when I walked back into the Fitness Rave. There I found the support I needed. They truly cared about me and helped me to reach my goals. They encouraged me, trained me, pushed me when I needed it. A special thanks to Lydia, Roseann, Marisa and Eddie who coached me all the way and never gave up on me . I truly could not have made it without Lydia and her team.  I know with the love and support I have I will reach my goal and continue on my healthy journey. I love you all.

- Susan Foster Bovobsky, Fitness Rave Member 


Can't begin to express my gratitude to Lydia Haskell. Your vision is taking me somewhere I could not have imagined when I walked in Lydia Haskell's The Fitness Rave a year ago. I have had an incredible time in BodyJam and love love all my jammers and instructors; however BUFF is exactly what I needed to add at this time in my life. I love my group, I love that age doesn't have to be a factor to fit in, you have created a very special world for many people.

-Karen Hoshall Repp, Fitness Rave Member


A year ago from today I was scared, lost and confused. That is when I decided to start a new journey and I walked into the doors of the Fitness Rave. That was the FIRST TIME I met Lydia Haskell. With no tour or anything I just signed up! I remember how excited she was! She has helped me find myself again, to realize how strong I really am and learn that I can do things on my own! She is a true friend and I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me! She is not only is a fantastic ROLE MODEL and fitness trainer to me. She is someone who has a huge heart and will drop anything and everything to help you. I have also made many others friends who have helped me in my time of need and YOU all know who you are. I love THE FITNESS is my second home away from home..

-Michelle Castro, Fitness Rave Member


Ok in all seriousness-You all know I'm not the most athletic person but I do workout regularly. Anyone wanting quick body transformation, you MUST try GRIT at Lydia Haskell's The Fitness Rave!!! I never thought it was possible to look or feel this way-& it's only week 1!! Thank u to amazing coach Amy Lucht Rainha for pushing me & believing I could do this!! And my fellow gritters!! This is such an amazing program!!!.

-Nadia Irani Lauer, Fitness Rave Member



If you are anywhere near White Marsh Maryland you have got to try this place! It is addictive and amazing. Best way to relieve stress, hang out with cool people and have fun. The days I miss going, I am run down and stressed and regretting that I didn't go to get my daily dose of Les Mills exercise classes. It is just what the doctor ordered and more fun than you can imagine.

-Lisa Benda, Fitness Rave Member


  I am a new member  & I want to tell you that I honestly LOVE your gym!  I have been coming faithfully to the Tuesday & Thursday evening Body Combat classes with Meg and I am now finding myself to push my schedule around to make Saturday morning Combat class as well. I was telling my sister-in-law today that your staff is extremely friendly, helpful & willing to talk to the members.  That is something that you don’t find at other places.  I found myself looking for another class to come to, lol.  I am extremely happy that I have joined your gym.  I had a membership at Bally’s but terminated it due .I don’t like to work-out alone & I would rather take classes..I have to tell you that I love Meg!!!  She is fun, outgoing, easy to talk to & energetic!  That is what I have been looking for.  She is wonderful & am happy that Nikki asked me to join her at  The Fitness Rave.  Thank you for opening The Fitness Rave!!!  I found what I am looking for at your place.

-Barbara Sines, Fitness Rave member



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