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THE FITNESS RAVE - What started out as a simple one-time-"fitness rave" event quickly escalted into a fully operating group fitness studio.  Lydia's ultimate dream has always been to own and operate her own studio.  She has decades of experience as a group fitness instructor and has always recognized the value and power of group fitness and it's positive effect on member loyalty.


As a career group fitness instructor, over the years Lydia has taught in many health clubs, some with great teaching environments, some with not so great teaching environments.  Lydia has always wanted to have a "DREAM STUDIO" equipped with a sound system that was so powerful that one could literally feel the beat inside, an elevated stage high enough that she could reach the people in the back of the room, a mic system that was prinstine clear so that participants could hear ever word of instruction without straining her voice.  Lastly, a lighting system that could instantly change the mood of the class.


Lydia made it her mission to create a studio that would allow her instructors to be at their very best with all the tools they needed.  By doing this, she knew that the members (what we call RAVERS) would have life changing group fitness experiences.


Lydia's vision, THE FITNESS RAVE, was conceived to be a group fitness studio that would provide world class fitness experiences and instructors to Fitness Rave members.  The foundation of The Fitness Rave is built on the Les Mills principles of group fitness.  Les Mills is a global fitness company based in New Zealand.  Every week in over 80 countries, in over 10,000 clubs, over 5 million people worldwide take Les Mills programs, clearly "THE WORLD'S BEST FITNESS CLASSES"!


Monday-Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm & 4pm-8pm

Thursday 8:45am -12:00 & 4:30pm-8pm


Friday 5:45am-7:00am, 9:00am-12:30pm


Saturday 8:00am-11: 30am


Sunday 9:00am - 10:30am



740 Concourse Circle

Middle River, MD 21220

Tel: 410-344-1999

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